Uncle Pashupati Kumar betrayed me : Chirag Paswan

Patna, 22/6: There is a tussle between Chirag Paswan and his uncle and LJP’s MP Pashupati Kumar Paras over power and power in the Lok Janshakti Party (LJP). Amidst the political turmoil, Chirag Paswan has written a letter for his workers. For a letter, Chirag has targeted Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar as well as his uncle Pashupati Paras. Through the letter, Chirag has also made many serious allegations against these two leaders.

Chirag Paswan wrote in his letter, ‘Hope you all are healthy, surely the last one year has been difficult for everyone. We all have lost something in the first and second wave of corona pandemic. In the Bihar assembly elections, only 15 seats were being given to LJP, which was not logical. Along with this, Chirag targeted Nitish Kumar and said that Nitish Kumar wanted to kill Ram Vilas Paswan politically. It was Ram Vilas Paswan’s decision to remove Pashupati Paras from the Bihar state president. Pashupati Paras did the work of stabbing in the dark of night.

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