IED blast near house of Hafiz Saeed

Lahore, 23/6 (Ao Bureau): There has been a blast near the house of the most wanted terrorist Hafiz Saeed in Lahore, Pakistan. As of the writing of the news, 15 people are injured in this incident and the condition of 4 is critical. At the same time 2 people have died. According to the information received, this explosion took place in Akbar Chowk of Jauhar Town. Security agencies reached the spot as soon as the blast took place. According to reports local people told that many suspicious people were seen coming and going outside the house where the blast took place. However, it is not yet confirmed whether Hafiz Saeed was in the house at the time of the blast.



According to Pakistani news channel ARY News, at least 4 people are serious and have been admitted to the ICU. The police officer who reached the spot after the blast said that it may be too early to say anything. There may be an explosion in the gas pipeline as well. Its investigation is still going on. At the same time, ignoring the question related to Hafiz Saeed, the police officer said that the investigation is going on in this regard. According to local media reports, the blast was so strong that the windows of the nearby houses were broken.


Gas pipeline burst or IED blast?

Local security agencies said the official would not say anything to the media until some clear information was received. Police officials dismissed questions as to who was the target of the blast. The police officer said that as of now it is not clear whether it was an IED blast or a gas palp line burst, so we cannot say exactly who was the target of the blast.

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