This vaccine may kill entire family of Coronavirus

New Delhi, 23/6 (Ao Bureau):After getting success against Coronavirus, now the threat of Corona Variants has started looming. The corona virus is constantly changing its form since the beginning of the epidemic. In such a situation, some American researchers have designed a special vaccine for protection. This vaccine will protect against SARS-CoV-2 as well as other corona viruses.



According to the report of news agency PTI, University of North Carolina researchers found that the corona virus that caused SARS and Kovid in 2003 will always be a threat. In such a situation, researchers have prepared a new vaccine. At present, the trial of this vaccine was done on rats. Results were obtained that the vaccine protected the mice not only from Kovid-19, but also from other corona viruses.


The study, published in the journal Science, focused on the second generation vaccine, which targets Sarbecovirus. Actually, Sarbecovirus is part of the larger family of corona viruses. Also, it remains essential for virologists after spreading SARS and Covid-19. Experts are working on these viruses with priority. The special thing is that the team has used mRNA in it, which is similar to Pfizer and Moderna Vaccine.


However, instead of inserting the mRNA code for just one virus, they have combined the mRNA of several coronaviruses. When mice were given this hybrid vaccine, it effectively produced neutralizing antibodies against different spike proteins. Researchers have expressed hope that after further testing, this vaccine can also be brought to human trials next year.

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