e-commerce companies must obey the rules of India : Piyush Goyal

New Delhi, 27/6 (AO Bureau):Union Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal has adopted a strict tone on big e-commerce companies. He said that many big e-commerce companies are showing pride in making big investments and are deliberately breaking Indian laws. He has given strict instructions to all e-commerce companies that they will have to fully follow the law of the country. Also said that foreign e-commerce companies should refrain from using muscle power or money power to harm Indian interests.

‘Run business activities within the ambit of the laws of the country’
Union Minister Goyal said that the activities of many big e-commerce companies are against the interests of the customers. In view of this, the Central Government has drafted some new rules for e-commerce companies or such marketplace models, which will be equally applicable to Indian and foreign companies. He said in a webinar on Saturday that the purpose of these new laws is to protect the interests of customers. The Indian market is huge and we invite all companies to come here and take a stake in it. However, it is clear that they will have to conduct any business activity within the limits of the laws of the country.

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