Will Coronavirus 3rd wave will come because of delta plus variant?

New Delhi, 27/6 (AO Bureau):National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization,COVID-19 (Covid-19) Working Group Head Dr. NK. Arora said on Sunday that the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is receding in India and the new Delta variant ‘Delta Plus’ has created new concern as all epidemiologists have made their predictions. The third wave of Kovid-19 has been described as almost inevitable, but Delta Plus has not yet been linked to the third wave of the epidemic. However, he emphasized that since the corona variants are associated with new waves of the epidemic, the possibility of delta plus variants being responsible for the third wave cannot be ruled out.

Dr. Arora told PTI, ‘Epidemic waves are related to new variants of the virus or new mutations, so there is a possibility of third wave due to delta plus variant because it is a new variant. But will it really lead to the third wave, it is difficult to answer because it will depend on two or three things. Dr. Arora said that a single variant of the virus cannot hit the country badly as there are three other factors that will control a possible new wave of the pandemic.

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First, the third wave of the epidemic will depend on the proportion of the population infected in the second round of Kovid-19. Dr. Arora said, ‘If a large part of the population is infected during the second wave, then in the next wave people may get a common cold-like illness, but the chances of getting a serious or fatal disease are negligible.’

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