Seeing the vaccination team in Karnataka, people are closing the doors

Karnatak, 29/6 (AO Bureau):The campaign to get more and more people to get the vaccine is being carried forward in the country, but there are still many areas where people are hesitant to get the vaccine. A similar case has come up in Yadgir district of Karnataka. When the team of health workers reached the villages here to vaccinate, people closed the doors after seeing them. After this, the officers have adopted a new method of vaccinating people.

According to the information, health workers and ASHA workers had come to vaccinate people in Kanchagadhahali village of Yadgir district of Karnataka, but after seeing them, people closed the doors of their homes. After this the team rang the bells of people’s houses but still the doors did not open.

A video of this incident also surfaced. It is seen in this that a woman runs away from the team of health workers and closes the door of her house. At the same time, in another video, another woman is seen shouting at the team that she and her family are completely fit. That’s why they don’t need the vaccine.

According to Indumati Patil, District Health Officer of Yadgir, ‘There is a misconception among the people that people get sick after getting the vaccine. That’s why people are not getting the vaccine. We went to people’s houses, but they closed the doors. That’s why we decided that wherever those people are, we will vaccinate there.

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