Rs 386-crore COVID assistance disbursed to 18 lakh landless farmers under KALIA scheme

Bhubaneswar, 30/6 (AO Bureau):Odisha Chief Minister  Naveen Patnaik today provided Rs 386 crore Chief Minister’s Covid assistance to landless farming families under the Kalia Yojana. This will benefit 1.8 million landless farming families. This includes the payment of an additional Rs 1,000 to each landless farmer under the Kalia Yojana and an additional Rs 1,000 crore by the Chief Minister.

Addressing the gathering, Chief Minister Shri Patnaik said that he was happy to provide the Chief Minister’s Covid assistance to 1.8 million landless farming families in the state. The hard-working class, like farmers, workers, and laborers, is the nucleus of our economy. It is the sacrifice of all that enriches our economy. “We respect the sacrifices of the landless farmers behind all the successes of the agricultural sector,” he said. “I have always demanded that the recommendations of the M S Swaminathan Committee be implemented and that we continue to do so until it is met,” he said.

“Farmers are our pride and glory,” he said. “Therefore, the protection of the interests of the farmers has always been his priority,” he said. Revealing that the Kalia Yojana has brought smiles and hope to millions of farming families in the state, the Chief Minister said, “Kalia Yojana is my favorite scheme. “


The Chief Minister said that now the coffin has had a profound effect on the economy. It was agriculture in the first wave that saved our economy. The second wave of lockdowns has had a profound effect on people’s livelihoods. That is why the state government has announced cowid packages for various categories of people like farmers, laborers, uplift shops, dairy farmers and so on, ”he said.

Finally, the Chief Minister said that the fight against Covid was not just for the government or doctors or health workers. This is the fight of all of us. So the Chief Minister appealed to the peasant brothers to all be vaccinated and abide by Kovid’s rules to win the battle.

The Minister of Agriculture and Farmer Empowerment, Mr. Arun Sahu, highlighted the various steps taken by the state government for the betterment of agriculture and farmers. He praised the Chief Minister’s foresight and strong leadership in protecting the interests of the farmers.

The event featured a short video of the Kalia scheme and landless farmers.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister discussed the benefits of the Kalia scheme with three landless farmers. Describing his success, Malati Meleka said he has benefited from investing in the Kalia scheme by investing in mushroom farming. Similarly, Surath Majhi of Sundargarh described how he has benefited by buying nets and farming with the help of Kalia Yojana. Ganesh Das of Bhadrak said the family was doing well by trading fish and dry fish with the help of the Kalia scheme. He told the Chief Minister that all landless farmers were happy to receive Rs 1,000 crore in aid from the Chief Minister’s Covid.

The assistance is directly deposited in the farmers’ bank accounts. Under the Kalia scheme, farmers get Rs 12,500 in three installments. The Balaram scheme also provides land loans to landless farmers for various ancillary works.

Secretary to the Chief Minister (5 T) Shri VK. Pandian conducted the program.

The Secretary and Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Shri. K. Bashishtha delivered the welcome address and the Director of Agriculture thanked them.

The event was attended by Chief Secretary Shri Suresh Chandra Mohapatra, Landless Farmers of the Agricultural Production Commission and 30 districts through video conferencing.

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