Easy availability of drones increased challenges for security forces: Gen Naravane

New Delhi, 1/7 (AO Bureau): Indian Army Chief MM Naravane has said that the easy availability of drones has posed new challenges for the security forces. This statement of the Army Chief has come after the attack on Jammu Air Force Station on June 27. For the first time in India, drones have been used to target security establishments. Many concerns have also been expressed regarding this attack.

Now the Army Chief said, ‘During war in future, the use of drones by state and non-state actors will increase. We have to make plans for the future keeping this in mind. We are making preparations to meet such challenges. We are using anti-drone technology to avert the threat and aggressive use of drones.

Fast work in India on drones
Let us tell you that due to the easy availability of drones, the security agencies were already apprehensive of some ‘sky disaster’. This is the reason why India started working on the anti-drone system. DRDO had already started on both drone and anti-drone technology and its deployment has also been done in many military installations. For the first time, the information about this anti-drone of DRDO became public when anti-drone system was deployed in view of the possibility of any drone attack on the Red Fort during the 74th Independence Day celebrations. The name of this system was Laser Based Directed Energy Weapon.

Work continues on anti-drone system in all three parts of the army
CDS Bipin Rawat himself has admitted that one has to prepare himself for war in future. The drone attack in Jammu is definitely worrying and we were apprehensive about it. And in view of this, India had also intensified its preparations. DRDO has this technology. In view of the danger of drones, the exercise of taking anti-drone technology from the three wings of the Indian Army has also been intensified.

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