Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will step down as CEO tomorrow, know what’s next

New Delhi 4/7 (AO Bureau):. Jeff Bezos, who started Amazon as an online bookstore and made it a shopping giant, is going to resign as the company’s CEO. From Monday (July 5), he will no longer be the CEO of the company. Bezos will be replaced by Andy Jassy, ​​who runs Amazon’s cloud computing business.

However, after being in the CEO position for nearly 30 years, Bezos will now take on the new role of executive chairman. Bezos said in early February that he wanted to step down as Amazon CEO to give more time to other tasks and focus on his company Blue Origin.

Bezos is working on the mission of space flight
Bezos will focus on his new sector. Bezos is now working on the mission of Space Flight. He will board the first space flight of his company ‘Blue Origin’ to be operated this month.

New Shepherd spacecraft to fly to space on July 20
Recently on Instagram, Bezos said that he, his brother and one of the winners of the auction will be aboard Blue Origin’s ‘New Shepherd’ spacecraft which is scheduled to take off on July 20. In this trip, there will be a brief trip to space from Texas. The anniversary of Apollo 11’s arrival on the moon is also celebrated on 20 July.

Bezos said on Instagram, “Looking at Earth from space changes you, it changes your relationship with this planet. I want to board this flight because it is something that I always wanted to do in my life. It’s a thr

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