Gehlot vs Pilot: Maken couldn’t provide solution to the conflict

Jaipur, 9/7: Congress’s state in-charge Ajay Maken stayed in Jaipur for two days for reconciliation between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan. Twice met Ashok Gehlot and also gave the formula, but the matter got stuck on Pilot’s share in the cabinet. However, Gehlot agreed to political appointments and appointments in the party organization. It is understood that after discussion with Sonia Gandhi on Gehlot’s argument, the formula in the middle of the cabinet expansion will be worked out. At the same time, the Congress high command fears that this war between Gehlot and Pilot may not provoke discontent in the party.


Ajay Maken, in-charge of Rajasthan Congress, cycled between the hotel and the Chief Minister’s residence for two days. Met Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot twice and there was a lot of discussion regarding the expansion of the Gehlot cabinet, political appointments in corporations and boards and the appointment of party workers and leaders in the organization. The most complicated issue in this is the expansion of the cabinet. Sachin Pilot wants that 4 to 6 new ministers should be made from his quota in the cabinet, but Gehlot is not ready to share in the cabinet with Pilot. Gehlot wants Sachin Pilot to give the names of whom he wants to make minister. At the time of expansion, they will see who should not be given a chance. On the other hand, instead of giving names, Sachin Pilot wants his share in the 30 seats of the cabinet.

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