Huge setback for Chirag Paswan

Patna,9/7: Chirag Paswan has got a big setback from the Delhi High Court. Chirag Paswan’s petition has been dismissed by the Delhi High Court. The High Court said that there is no basis in Chirag Paswan’s petition. The Delhi High Court said that the matter is pending with the Lok Sabha Speaker. So there is no need to order. The hearing of Chirag Paswan’s petition, filed on behalf of the Lok Sabha Speaker against taking oath as a member of Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) as a minister, was heard in the Delhi High Court on Friday. The speaker’s lawyer told the court that he had spoken to the speaker in this matter. Information has been given from his side that he is looking into this matter. The lawyer cited a decision of the Supreme Court.


The court said that we cannot pass any order in this matter (LJP Dispute) as the speaker is looking into the matter. The counsel for the Speaker of the Lok Sabha said that there is no ground to hear this petition. When the Lok Sabha Speaker himself is looking into the matter. Chirag’s lawyer has not opposed this point of the speaker.

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