Corona test should be mandatory for International travel:S Jaishankar

New Delhi, 10/7 (AO Bureau):External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said on Friday that international travel should be done on the basis of investigation. He said that screening people before and after travel is a sufficient basis, but some countries have now raised the issue of vaccination. Also, he insisted on reaching some consensus. Jaishankar said in a joint press briefing after meeting his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov that he believes that there should be a ground test for the visit.

“If people have got tested before international travel and tested on arrival, that is sufficient grounds for travel, but some countries have now brought up the issue of vaccination,” he said. Jaishankar said, ‘Therefore, we have to reach an agreement… I discussed today about how we can ensure that we are not discriminated against and for our citizens to travel to each other’s country. How do we reach an agreement amongst ourselves.’


He said that the Covid-19 challenge has actually given India and Russia an opportunity to show the strength of their cooperation. He said, ‘We are seeing this today in the production of Sputnik vaccine and I completely agree with my Russian counterpart.’ Jaishankar said, ‘I think we have to protect our population and help the world. is. ‘
Commenting on the cooperation between Russia and India in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, Lavrov said that Russia is ready to discuss with India the certification of citizens who have received the Kovid vaccine and an agreement in this regard is being reached. could. He said that both the countries are against the politicization of vaccines.

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