Pegasus controversy: Maharashtra govt orders restricted use of mobile in work

Mumbai,24/7: Amidst the discussion of Israel’s spyware Pegasus across the country, the Maharashtra government has issued a new guideline to its employees regarding the use of mobile phones in the office. Under this, employees have been asked to use mobile at least during office hours. It has also been said that instead of mobile in the office, give priority to landline. In an order issued by the General Administration Department (GAD), it has been said that mobile phones should be used only when it is necessary for official work.

Let’s take a look at what else has been said in the guideline issued by the government…

>> Without mentioning the spyware Pegasus, the order said that the unnecessary use of mobile phones in the office tarnishes the image of the government.

>> If mobile phone is to be used then text message should be used more. And interactions through these devices should be as short as possible.

>> The government said that the use of social media through mobile during office should be limited.

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