Om Birla expressed grief over the daily uproar in Lok Sabha, warned of strict action

New Delhi, 29/7(Ao Bureau): The uproar being made by the opposition parties in the Lok Sabha regarding the Pegasus espionage case and some other issues continued on Thursday as well. Saddened by the daily uproar in the Lok Sabha, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla adjourned the house till 2 pm, warning of strict action.



Earlier, when the meeting started this morning, the house was adjourned till 11:30 am, about five minutes after the commencement of the proceedings due to a heated argument between the ruling party and the opposition over the paper-tossing incident by some members of the Congress a day earlier. Had to do Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla expressed his anguish over Wednesday’s incident as the proceedings of the House began and warned the members that he would take action in future if incidents against the dignity of Parliament were repeated.

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