British scientist claims new mutant Coronavirus can kill 1 out of 3 people

New Delhi,1/8(Ao Bureau): Coronavirus infection is still a cause of concern around the world. In many countries, its new variants (Coronavirus Variants) are wreaking more havoc. Meanwhile, British scientists have claimed in their research that the next variant of the corona virus (Covid 19) may be more deadly. According to him, it will be so deadly that it can kill one out of every three people. The London-based Scientific Advisory Group for Emergency has published a report regarding the research.


The published research report warns that the variant of the corona virus that will now come in the future will be more lethal than the MERS variant. The mortality rate of this variant is 35 percent at present.

advice on killing animals
In the research paper, the team of scientists has suggested that the animals through which a new variant of the corona virus is suspected, they should either be killed or vaccinated. In such a situation, new variants of the virus can be prevented from flourishing in these animals. Through these animals, the new variant spreads to humans.

Vaccine may be ineffective
Scientists have also warned in their research that if the upcoming variant of the corona virus is a combination of the existing beta, alpha or delta variants, then the Kovid 19 vaccine may also be ineffective on it. This can lead to an increase in the death rate. However, the name of this next possible variant has not been mentioned in this report. But it has been called a super mutant variant.

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