Covid-19 Third Wave: When will the third wave of corona virus come? CSIR chief revealed

New Delhi, 1/8 :Corona virus cases are increasing once again across the country. Especially in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, seeing the way the graph of infection is going up, it is believed that this is the third wave of Coronavirus. Has the third wave of corona really arrived? The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has made a big disclosure on this. CSIR Director General Dr Shekhar C Mande said, it is certain that the third wave of corona virus will come, but when it will come and what will be the symptoms cannot be predicted.

According to the report published on Times of India, the CSIR chief said that vaccination and wearing of masks will definitely help in reducing the intensity of the third wave. Dr Mande said that he was analyzing the increasing figures of corona in Kerala. He also said that the delta plus variant plus of the virus is not of much concern.


Which variant is more dangerous, Delta or Delta Plus?
Dr. Mande said, “Delta variant is bad for corona virus, but there is no need to worry about Delta Plus. Britain, Europe and the US have seen the next wave. We have to take a protected approach. The next wave is likely, but how and when is not yet known. This could be due to new mutants of the virus or laxity in following the Kovid-19 protocol.”

Is corona vaccine working?
He said that the corona vaccine is working perfectly on the general public, there is scientific evidence for this. He said that at present it is being considered as the only weapon for the third wave. He said that all people should get the vaccine as soon as possible, so that it is easier to face the third wave. He said that the genomic surveillance of coronavirus regarding the vaccine will continue for the next three years.

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