Corona patients tear can also cause spread of virus

NewvDelhi,2/8: Different research is being done these days around the world regarding the infection of Corona virus (Covid-19). Under this, a study has claimed that the corona virus can also spread through the tears of positive patients (Covid-19 by Tears). This study has been done by a government medical college in Amritsar. During this, samples of 120 patients were monitored. However, experts also say that most of the infection of corona occurs through the breath.

According to the English newspaper The Times of India, this study was done on 120 patients of Corona. In 60 of these patients, the virus reached another part of the body through tears. Whereas this did not happen in 60 patients. Researchers found conjunctival hyperemia in 41 patients, follicular reactions in 38, chemosis in 35, mucoid discharge in 20 patients, and itching in 11. About 37% of patients with ocular symptoms had moderate COVID-19 infection. The remaining 63% had severe symptoms of covid-19. 


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