Taliban bowed before India’s pressure! Nishan Sahib put back on the Gurdwara of Afghanistan

New Delhi, 7/8:With the news of the return of the US Army from Afghanistan after 20 years, the Taliban is once again spreading its foot there. Taliban has once again captured many areas of Afghanistan. It is reported that Nishan Sahib was forcibly removed by the Taliban from the historic Thala Sahib Gurdwara of Chakmani in Pakhtia province of Afghanistan, although it has been reinstated after pressure from India.

India had strongly condemned the removal of Nishan Sahib from the Gurudwara. According to sources, India condemned this act and said that Afghanistan should not take such step in future. According to reports received on Friday night, the Taliban was reconsidering its action. Meanwhile, Taliban spokesman Sohail Shaheen told News18, “The people of the Sikh community have never been stopped from following their customs and Nishan Sahab will be brought back.”

Nidan Singh had given the news of removing Nishan Sahib
Nidan Singh was very sad about the issue of removal of Nishan Sahib. Nidan Singh has a very old relationship with this Gurudwara. Nidan Singh was abducted by the Taliban in June last year from this gurdwara in Chakmani and tortured him for a month. After his release, Nidan Singh had come back to pay obeisance at the same Thala Sahib Gurdwara and on 18 July 2020, he had planted Nishan Sahib with his own hands. Nidan Singh is an Afghan citizen and after his release is now living in Delhi.

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