BJP is playing politics over Lord Ram: Congress

Jaipur , 7/8: In Rajasthan, a lot of politics is happening in the name of Lord Ram. Now the Congress has also started liking Ram. Now Ram is not a fictional character for the Congress, but he is the Maryada Purushottam, who lives in the faith of the people of India. BJP no longer has a monopoly on Ram in politics. Ram is everyone now. Politics is at its peak in Rajasthan these days regarding Ram. Congress is trying hard to snatch Ram’s monopoly from BJP. Although Ram has been revered by all for centuries. For Hindus as well as for Muslims, but politics has fiercely harvested votes in his name.


Political experts say that the BJP has gone from zero to peak because of the name of Ram. He fiercely redeemed the name of Ram. Assembly by-elections are to be held in Rajasthan. In such a situation, the discussion of Ram started again in politics. BJP and Congress are busy asserting their rights on Ram. The round of rhetoric has also started regarding this.



monopoly on ram

Rajasthan’s veteran BJP leader Gulabchand Kataria, while expressing the monopoly of the BJP on Ram, gave a statement that only if there is BJP, then Ram is respected. Before the by-election, the Congress strongly objected to this statement of Kataria. Congress accused Kataria of insulting Lord Ram. When the foundation stone of the temple was laid in Ayodhya, Congress leader and state minister Pratapsinh Khachariyawas organized an aarti at home. He raises his voice loudly for Ram.



Khachariyawas accused BJP of doing dirty politics in the name of Ram. In fact, by-elections are going to be held in two seats of the assembly in Rajasthan. Election dates can be announced anytime in Kataria’s home district. Congress has prepared a plan to surround Kataria in the name of Ram in Vallabhnagar and Dhariyavad.

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