Yogi Cabinet expansion next week

UP, 28/8: Cabinet expansion in the Yogi government can happen in the first week of September. According to the information received from the sources, the names of the possible ministers have surfaced on Saturday. Who can get a place in the cabinet. Jitin Prasad, who joined BJP from Congress, can be made a minister. Apart from these, Somendra Tomar from Meerut, Krishna Paswan from Fatehpur, Tejpal Gurjar from Dadri, Ghaziabad, Sanjay Nishad from Nishad Party, Ramchandra Vishwakarma, Manju Siwach from Modinagar and Ashish Patel from Apna Dal can get a place in the Yogi cabinet.

Recently, UP BJP sat with CM Yogi Adityanath and discussed the names and it was sent to the Delhi High Command. Those names have been stamped by the Delhi High Command. Apart from these leaders, Uttar Pradesh BJP President Swatantra Dev Singh and Organization General Secretary Sunil Bansal were also present in the meeting. The meeting took place at Shah’s official residence. The whole strategy has been prepared keeping in view the 2022 assembly elections.

This is the latest status of the Yogi cabinet. At present, there are 23 cabinet ministers, 9 ministers of independent charge and 22 ministers of state in the Yogi cabinet, that is, the total number of ministers is 54. According to the rules, at present 6 ministerial posts are vacant. In such a situation, even if the Yogi government does not remove any minister from the cabinet, 6 new ministers can be made. In this, there may be an attempt to cultivate OBC, Brahmin as well as other castes.

The cabinet will be expanded for the second time, after the formation of the state government on 19 March 2017, the Yogi government expanded the cabinet on 22 August 2019. During that time there were 56 members in his cabinet. Three ministers have died due to Corona. Recently, Minister of State Vijay Kumar Kashyap died, while Minister Chetan Chauhan and Minister Kamal Rani Varun died in the first wave of Corona. In the first cabinet expansion, 6 ministers with independent charge were administered the oath of cabinet, there were also three new faces in it.

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