British PM Boris Johnson speaks to PM Modi

New Delhi, 11/10:British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to PM Narendra Modi this morning. The phone discussion between the two leaders discussed the progress of UK-India relations and the 2030 roadmap. In May, Boris Johnson and PM Modi prepared a roadmap for 2030, which included areas like further strengthening mutual partnership on issues like trade, defence.

Prime Minister Modi gave information about this discussion by tweeting after talking to PM Boris Johnson. He told that we reviewed the India UK agenda and the progress of 2030. Along with this, in the context of the upcoming COP Summit-26 in Glasgow, exchanged views on the work to be done on climate change. He also told in the tweet that regional issues including Afghanistan were also discussed between the two countries.


India leading the world in technology
During talks with PM Modi, Britain acknowledged that India is already leading the world in renewable technology and expressed the hope that concrete steps will be taken on climate change with more ambitious contributions at the national level.

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