After Rijiju criticises Nehru over Jammu and Kashmir, Congress asks PM to rein in ministers from making false statements

New Delhi, 30/10: The Congress on Saturday demanded an apology from Union minister Kiren Rijiju over his criticism of Jawaharlal Nehru’s handling of the Kashmir issue and asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to rein in ministers from making “irresponsible statements”.

Hitting out at Rijiju, the Opposition party said insulting the country’s first prime minister’s contribution and memory is “unacceptable” and demanded that the minister withdraws his statement.


Rijiju had stated that Nehru’s “blunders”, which, he said, included enacting Article 370 and taking the dispute with Pakistan to the United Nations, caused much tragedy, drained the country’s resources and cost thousands of lives of soldiers and civilians in militancy.



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