Which variant of delta or lambda corona is most dangerous? Experts told

New Delhi, 11/7 (AO Bureau): Experts are worried after getting Delta and Lambda variants of Corona. It is believed that due to these two variants, the third wave of corona can come. Also, questions are being raised that ultimately which of the two variants is more harmful? Talking on this, Dr. SK Sarin, Director, Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences said that Delhi does not have a large number of cases of infection with the delta plus variant, but it is present. Delta is also worrying, we are more concerned about the Lambda variant at the moment. It has not been confirmed in our country yet, but it may come.

Dr. SK Sarin said that the second wave of corona infection is not over yet. If a tourist reaches a hill station while roaming across the country, it is possible that he has carried the virus there and due to the crowd, it will become a super spreader. It can be fatal. Let us tell you that in the past, people are getting crowded at various hill stations of the country. The crowd of people at hill stations can be gauged from the fact that many highways have been blocked due to traffic.


Lambda variant being monitored
NITI Aayog member (health) Dr VK Paul said that the lambda variant needs attention and hence it is being explored. Dr VK Paul said, “As far as we know it has not entered our country, it has not been found in our country. Our surveillance system INSACOG is very effective and if this pattern enters the country, it will detect it.”

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