Due to the uproar, the Prime Minister, Piyush Goyal and Rajnath Couldn’t give the introduction of new ministers in the Parliament.

New Delhi, 19/7 (Ao Bureau):Prime Minister Narendra Modi could not introduce new members of the Council of Ministers in both the houses on the first day of the monsoon session on Monday due to the uproar by the opposition on various issues. He laid the list of ministers on the table of both the houses. Taking a dig at the opposition parties, the Prime Minister said that some people do not like that Dalit, Adivasi, Backward Classes and women ministers should be introduced here. He termed the attitude of the opposition parties as an “introduction to the anti-women and Dalit mentality”.

On the first day of the monsoon session of Parliament, when Prime Minister Modi started introducing the new ministers in the house, during the same time there was a ruckus in both the houses. Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla appealed to the opposition members to calm down and allow the ministers to be introduced. But his appeal had no effect on the opposition members and the uproar continued in the House.

Birla said, ‘Don’t break the traditions. You have been in government for a long time. You should not reduce the dignity of the House by breaking the tradition. Maintain the dignity of this house…Prime Minister is the leader of the house and after the reshuffle, he is introducing the council of ministers. You maintain the dignity of the House.’ Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi also appealed to the protesting opposition members to calmly allow the introduction of new ministers in the Lok Sabha.

Targeting the Prime Minister said…
Taking a jibe at the opposition’s ruckus, the Prime Minister said, “I was thinking that there would be an atmosphere of enthusiasm in the House as a large number of our women MPs have become ministers… Today there will be an atmosphere of happiness that tribal companions become ministers in large numbers Huh. Coming from farmer family and rural environment, coming from socially and economically backward society have got a place in the Council of Ministers in large numbers, it should have been a pleasure to introduce them.

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