You can easily record Voice Calls on WhatsApp, the way is for both Android and iOS

New Delhi, 19/7 (AO Bureau):WhatsApp Messenger is a popular application through which users do messaging, voice calling and video calling. With the advent of WhatsApp, people’s lives have become much easier, so that they make video calls or voice calls from their friends and relatives sitting far away. Although WhatsApp offers many such features for the users, due to which their experience has been very good, but many times users miss the facility to record the calling in it.

But you don’t have to worry about it, as there are many methods and third-party apps to do this. Let us tell you today such methods using which WhatsApp voice call can be recorded on Android and iOS …

Android User How to Record WhatsApp Call
If you are a user of Android phone then you will have to download third-party application for this.

>> For this, first of all you have to download the Cube Call Recorder app. After opening the app, you have to go to WhatsApp.

>>Then call the person you want to talk to. If during this time you are seeing the Cube Call widget, then it means that your call is being recorded.

>> And if the error is showing in your phone, then once again you open the cube call recorder. This time you have to go to the settings of the app and click on Force Voip in the voice call. After this whole process, you once again place a WhatsApp call. And this time also cube call recorder is not showing then it means that it will not work in your phone.

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